Super Clean

The Super Clean Preset is designed to help bring bright beautiful blue and green colors from nature. The preset helps make the scene pop and come alive.

Well Relaxed Weekend

The Well Relaxed Weekend Preset is made to give you photo a super relaxed and warm feeling.

Grey Sky Sunsets

The Grey Sky Sunsets Preset is designed to help bring out the colors that may get hidden when go to shoot the sunset and get hit with some grey overcast. As usual I try to add a bit of sharpness to the photo with all my preset.

Forest Greens

The Forest Greens preset is designed to bring out the beautiful green tones in your images. When shooting nature scenes in wooded areas the green leaves of trees usually get a little left behind when they are no the main focus of the frame.

Golden City

The Golden City Preset is made to help captures the golden color of the sun as it hits a skyline during sunset as well as bring out the color of the magnificent sunset you are witnessing.