Who is Allen Serhat?

I am an IT Professional by trade and photo enthusiast by night. I have been working in the field of IT for my entire professional career and have a love of all things technical which coincides with my love for photography. As you kid I always played with my parents film cameras at family events mostly because I didn’t like being in photo, which made it a perfect reason to be behind the lens. I started playing more and learned to love the idea of capturing moments of life in a 4×6 frame. Growing up in the age of digital I decided to purchase my first camera, a Canon PowerShot S30. Through the years my skills have evolved as well as my gear, now shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III capturing moments of my life through daily shooting, family occasions and travel.

As someone who started out with photography and never understanding or even knowing about editing I almost packed up my gear and sold it all since I was never satisfied with the outcome of my photography. A great friend and photographer Matthew Riley turned me onto some sites which had change my life when seeing the before and after of some photos. The ironic part is that he was showing the site to discuss some SEO practices. My first thought was “I have a lot of before photos in my catalog”. As I started learning more I wanted to put up a site to show the before and after of all the images I can create to help people who pick up their first camera not be discouraged by what they shoot in comparison to what they see on social media.

My main area of focus when shooting is different types of landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and well anything I feel is interesting and beautiful scenes. Head over to my Gallery to view my portfolio. I also offer professional services for shooting events, whether it be small weddings, christenings or portraits. Feel free to drop me a Message if you are interested in a shoot or even have a question about an image.